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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Autumnal Equinox

It's raining out--again, or is that "still"--must be close to the equinox...
Time for some hearty, warm food. Like the winter squashes we're starting to bring into the store. My favorite, the kabochas, arrived Tuesday. Bake one of those and enjoy that rich texture with some of Strauss's wonderful european style butter. We also got rutabagas in. Makes me hungry for a nice stew with the new crop potatoes, and onions, the rutabagas, and Muir Glen canned tomatoes--because here, we never have so many fresh tomatoes we would "waste" them, cooking and canning! Go get some of Lemon Rose Bakery's rolls to soak up your stew broth. Then with a full tummy, you'll be ready to settle in for some book time...I know this great little library where you'll find something for your every reading interest! Enjoy autumn!